PacFloor – Suspended Floor Construction System

A different floor concept, where no backing is required on the slab, it absorbs differences of up to 6cm in slab level and can be wall-mounted on it. PacFloor is a monolithic floor where the user does not know that it is a suspended floor.

This floor can be executed with a load capacity of 150 kgf / m² up to 2,000 kgf / m².

With PacFloor it is possible to change the floor without breaking the slab and also to perform maintenance on the pipe inserted under it, with more speed and convenience. PacFloor is a type of suspended floor which permits to insert electrical or logic points quickly and cleanly. Once inserted into the environments, changes and renovations become more practical and meet the requirements of NBR 15.575.

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    PacFloor Uses

    Air conditioning installation by blowing air under PacFloor floor.

    Shading slab installation, all materials are water and weather resistant.

    With the PacFloor suspended floor system you can install hassle free floor heating.


    Know the main advantages of PacFloor suspended floor


    Superior acoustic performance according to ABNT NBR 15.575-3 (only product in Brazil to pass the test and with superiority).


    The PacFloor suspended floor system brings physical and structural durability to your work, allows the movement of wiring and piping without major efforts.

    Electrical and Hydraulic

    The PacFloor suspended floor system, in addition to its durability, allows you to insert and change power or hydraulic points without much effort.

    Safety and protection

    PacFloor has fire protection and control, ensuring it does not spread throughout the building. Concentration brings more security and control in case of incidents.

    Easy to Install

    We conduct training for mounting the suspended floor and follow it up to the completion of installation.

    Low Cost

    Your work with more quality, durability and lower cost. The PacFloor suspended construction system can receive any coating.

    Thermal Insulation

    Because of its trapped air, the PacFloor suspended construction system is an excellent thermal insulator.


    With the PacFloor system it is possible to change the floor without breaking the slab and also perform maintenance of the pipes inserted under it, with greater speed and practicality.



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