1. How many PAC Spacer parts should I use per m²?

The amount varies according to the structure to be concreted, therefore, for pillars it is recommended to use 4 pcs / m, for beam the recommendation is to use 3 pcs / m and in slabs the ideal is to use 3 pcs / m². On average 6 pcs / m² is used in projection.

2. In which steel gauge is the PAC Spacer used?

The PAC Spacer should be tied to the cross bar and fits any steel diameter.

3. Which steel gauge fits the PAC Mash Spacer cap?

In the lower opening the steel must have a diameter of up to 10 mm, and in the upper opening any diameter.

4. How many PAC Mash Spacer is applied to the lower screen on dual screen floors?

It is recommended to use 2 to 4 pieces per m², depending on the screen gauge.

5. How many PAC Mash Spacers are recommended for use with single-screen flooring?

The use of PAC Mash Spacers depends on the screen used, for Q 159 screens downwards the recommended amount is 4 pcs / m², and for Q196 screens upwards 3 pcs / m² can be used.

6. What is the amount of PAC Mash Spacers in screen mounted on site?

In this case the use of 4 pcs / m² is required.

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